Posted by          Flooring    September 3, 2016

Traditional masculine interiors are bold and strong. We expect to see clean architectural lines, large furniture, tough materials such as leather and steel, all in a dark color palette. It’s powerful, sleek and sexy … if done well.

If not, the look can be anything but powerful. It can simply be dark and oppressive.Creating Masculine Space With Flooring

Whether you are decorating an entire home or overhauling a man cave down in the basement, the easiest place to begin is with the color palette. Retain the dark, comfortable furniture. Then lighten up the walls and the floors and it will be a game changer.

Your floors can become the biggest focal point in the room.

Start with texture. Masculine rooms can dive into all kinds of textures.

Hardwood is an obvious charge, accenting dark colors and large furniture well. Yet move away from traditional hardwoods you’ll find commonplace throughout a home. Instead, choose darker woods and larger planks. Exotic hardwoods, such as hickory or cherry, can bring instant ambiance to the setting. Choose wider planks from the norm to enrich the rooms look and feel.

From there, you can liven things up with texture and patterns by placing an area rug to soften the image. And with an area rug, you can change the look anytime you desire. How about a sheepskin? How about an Aztec design? This is where personality comes into play.

Yet just because you’re designing a masculine retreat doesn’t mean comfort isn’t top of mind. For many man caves, the perfect way to build is by starting with softness from the ground up. To warm up a room, carpeting is still the perfect place to begin. But skip the natural beiges you’ll find throughout the home. Instead, choose from a male-friendly color palette or blue or brown. A slate blue can be incorporated into any design and give a pop of color while maintaining a male-friendly atmosphere.

To create a gorgeous masculine room doesn’t mean it has to be themed. Instead, introduce strong color and look for balance, starting from the bottom up. You’ll quickly find the perfect look for you.