Posted by          Flooring    July 18, 2015

It’s summer time. Which means the kids are out of school, the days are longer, vacation time is sprinkled throughout the weeks, and everyone is inside and outside more than ever.

With all that activity, accidents are bound to happen more frequently. A fudgesicle here. A spilled soda there. And before you know it your carpets are in their worst condition.How To Clean Summer’s Toughest Carpet Stains

But no matter what ends up on your carpets, always remember the first rule of stain fighting: the faster you remove it, the better chance you have of removing it completely. There are a few tricks depending on the type of stain your family brings in: give these tips a try.

Blood – With kids running around barefoot, and more time spent playing and having fun, every once in a while someone will run into the house with a few cuts and bruises in place. When blood penetrates your carpet, start by scraping off dried blood. Then apply a cool detergent solution. Blot dry. Then apply a cool ammonia solution. Blot again and rinse. Always test your carpet for color fastness before tackling large stains. If the problem is large or in a prominent place, it may be time to call in a professional.

Candy – Scrape off dried candy and sugar from carpeting. Sponge detergent solution onto the fibers. Blot and rinse. Be sure to pick up all remnants of sugar, as sugar will cause carpet to rapidly re-soil.

Chocolate – Scrape off dried chocolate. Sponge on a detergent solution. Blot and rinse. It stain remains, blot with hydrogen peroxide. Then rinse and blot dry.

Grass – Apply a detergent solution. Blot and rinse. Apply vinegar solution. Blot and rinse.

Ice cream – Ice cream comes in all sorts of styles and can quickly puddle into the fibers if not cleaned up immediately. Start by blotting away as much as the ice cream as possible. Sponge on a vinegar solution. Blot and rinse. Sponge on a detergent solution. Blot and rinse. Depending on how big the area is, you may need professional carpet cleaning to get the entire area clean.

Mustard/Ketchup – Apply a vinegar solution and blot. Apply a detergent solution and blot. If stain remains, apply a hydrogen peroxide solution. Do not use ammonia or alkaline cleaners.

Soft Drinks – Blot away as much of the soda as you can. Then apply detergent solution, blot and rinse. If stain remains, use a hydrogen peroxide solution. Rinse.

Fruit Juices – Blot away the bulk of the fruit juice. Then apply detergent solution, blot and rinse. If stain remains, use a hydrogen peroxide solution. Rinse. Depending on the color of the fruit juice, it may require professional cleaning, especially if the area is large.

Accidents happen; that’s a part of summer life. But if you’re prepared for the inevitable and have solutions ready at hand, clean up will be an easy process. And you’ll save your carpets in the process.

Have any other carpet stains you’re dealing with? Let us know in the comments.