Posted by          Flooring    September 17, 2015

A growing number of Coloradans are working from home. From self-employed entrepreneurs running small businesses, to telecommuting employees for large, national companies, many are enjoying the convenience of working from a home office at least once per week.

And that number is expected to increase in the coming years by as much as 63 percentChoosing The Right Flooring For A Home Office.

Why? There are a lot of reasons for it. People are happier. People have more flexibility in the way they lead their lives. It’s convenient. And you can tap a larger pool of qualified personnel when you aren’t limited to those who can drive in each morning.

But working from home doesn’t mean hanging out at the kitchen table every day. If you work from home on a regular basis, setting up a home office in your home is an important addition to have. In fact its one of the most popular remodel jobs, and its one of the most requested items on any real estate buyer’s checklist. The desire for a home office is growing, and adds value to your home overall.

Whether you have a space specifically designed for a home office, or convert an existing bedroom into a working space, the needs of office space are different from the rest of your home. Chances are you’ll need a chair or two, a table, and shelving or cabinets. All of which can add weight, and more importantly cause problems if you don’t have the right flooring in place.

Carpeting, for instance, adds warmth to the space. But if its thick, luxurious carpet that works well in your bedroom, you might not have the same results in a home office. Thick carpeting can be difficult to maneuver with chairs, rolling filing cabinets, and other work stations.

So what makes a great choice in a home office?

I have two favorites: hardwood flooring and tile.

Solid hardwood flooring is a natural pick for people all across the Rocky Mountain region. And because you may already have it installed in some areas of your home, it’s the perfect choice for your home office too. Hardwoods make it easy to move on, and can take the weight you give it with a desk, shelf or cabinet. And if you scratch the surface, you can always buff it out and refinish them again and again.

Tile is another great option. Tile wears extremely well and is durable. It’s easy to maintain and looks great for years. You can choose from simple ceramic tiles, or get sophisticated with natural stone. And it fits every budget … choose a classic design, or look for one-of-a-kind styling. With tile, the options really are unlimited, and it can help you create a home office you’ll be proud of, and want to work in every day.

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