Posted by          Flooring    September 10, 2015

Transitions. There are certain points in our lives when we leave the old behind and start down a new path. If you have kids, or are planning on starting a family soon, you know how much they change every aspect of your life.Choosing Flooring For A Home With Toddlers and Kids

It’s no longer all about you. Instead, you begin thinking about what’s good for everyone in your home. It’s also why many new families decide to trade in the condo and move to their very first family home.

With kids, you need more space. They need room to grow and to play. For you, that might not mean a brand new house in the suburbs; instead, it may mean trading in a two bedroom for a three bedroom in the city. Yet do you really want to stick with the same flooring used by the people before you? Do you want your baby lying on the floor where Friday night parties once occurred? Or have your toddler learn to crawl on several years old carpeting?

What should you replace it with?


Carpeting is a great choice for a home with small children. It offers a soft, warm surface that’s easy to crawl, walk and play on. The surface is slip resistant, perfect for running and playing on. And depending on your choice, it can be stain resistant, and be easy to clean and maintain.


Bamboo offers a soft flooring choice that has the appeal of hardwood flooring. And because bamboo is considered environmentally friendly, it can check off multiple boxes on your list of requirements for a great flooring choice. Bamboo comes in a variety of choices and styles; be sure to invest in quality urethane finishes that can take the wear and abuse your family dishes out. In some cases bamboo can be refinished when scratched or stained, giving it added benefits to a longer life span.


Cork is a soft flooring choice that absorbs impact, which makes falling and roughhousing a little less painful. Cork creates a warm surface area perfect for living spaces where you’ll spend a lot of time playing and hanging out with the family. It also is hypoallergenic, resistant to fungi and mold, making it the perfect choice for family members that may be prone to allergies or asthma.


Hardwood flooring is a good choice no matter how old your kids may be. It offers a versatility factor that gives it its appeal, no matter how you dress up or dress down the décor. Hardwoods offer a very durable surface area, and depending on the thickness of the wood, can be refinished multiple times. By using area rugs, you can add a splash of color into the room, and change out the look and feel whenever you choose.


Linoleum flooring offers convenience and durability in one package. Linoleum creates a hard surface area that resists scratching and is easy to clean and maintain no matter what your family dishes out. It can have hypoallergenic qualities, depending on the linoleum you choose. Today’s linoleum offers a wide array of design and color options, with many taking on the appearance of your favorite flooring choices – think wood and stone. It may be the perfect choice for the highest traffic rooms in your home.