Posted by          Carpet    September 6, 2017

When a carpet manufacturer lists how long a carpet should last, it’s merely a guess. After all, they don’t understand your family dynamics and how much wear and tear your carpet will receive. Some carpets may last for 2 years while others may last up to 20.

Yet sooner or later all carpet must be replaced. Is that time now? Should you invest in another cleaning, or is it time to replace your carpet? Just a few questions can help you determine the right path for you.

Is your carpet matted down?Carpet Condition Test - How Old Is Too Old?
One of the first signs of a carpet in need of replacing is when the pile begins to deteriorate.

If your carpet is made from polyester and it’s matting down, chances are it’s time to replace. Polyester fibers can easily crush as they begin to wear down. Once the tuft falls over and lays down, it won’t ever return to its original upright position. Even a professional cleaning won’t renew its life.

If your carpet is made from nylon, they a professional cleaning may do the trick. Nylon is more resilient when compared to polyester and can often regain its appearance simply be being professionally cleaned. Age and wear should be factored into your decision.

Is your carpet stained?
No matter how much stain-resistance is built into your carpet, fibers will stain. Anti-stain treatments can wash or wear off over time. Stainmaster carpets do have an anti-stain system infused into the fiber that won’t wear or wash off. Still, age and continued use can leave your carpets looking old and dingy. Some stains aren’t covered by warranties and will impact your carpets in different ways: tea, bleach, plant fertilizers, drain cleaners, to name a few.

Biological substances can not only look unsightly, but they can be a health hazard as well. Things like vomit, urine, mildew, mold, or other hazards can cause permanent damage to your carpet and padding. Consult a professional carpet cleaner if you need advice.

Is your padding worn out?
Carpet padding is just as important as the carpet itself. If your padding fails, your carpet won’t have the proper support to do its job. That means your carpet will wear faster than with a better quality padding.

Is your carpet more than 10 years old?
While age isn’t a sole determining factor, the older your carpet is, the more you should consider replacing it. If your carpet is more than 10 years old, you’ve noticed ripples or wrinkles, have color loss or fading, or the pile is crushed or matted, then it’s a sign your carpets are nearing the end of its life. In some cases, a professional cleaning can actually exacerbate the situation.