Posted by          Flooring    May 7, 2015

Designing and remodeling your kitchen isn’t as easy as picking out the things you like best from your home improvement store. It also takes a lot of coordination to allow your kitchen design to seamlessly blend in with your overall house design and style.

In order to create a well designed kitchen, it’s important to focus in on the three major components of the kitchen: the coutertops, the cabinets and the flooring. These three areas dominate your kitchen’s look and feel; it’s important their colors and styles play will off of each other.How To Blend Your Flooring With Kitchen Décor

Create a Plan
Theme is important when making your final selections. Are you a classic design or a little bit country? Do you like a clean, sleek look, or do you have a more relaxed style? First and foremost, its important to select a color scheme and stick with it throughout your kitchen. One of the most classic patterns is to begin with two dominate colors, and bring in a third for accent. Remember, your three dominate areas are your foundation; the rest is meant to blend.

Many people today looking at remodeling their kitchen have their hearts set on granite, and with good reason. Its classic style and durability means you’ll have a highly functional and highly durable countertop for years to come. Yet there are many other options available as well – marble, butcher block, stainless steel, even concrete. Because countertops set the stage for your kitchen design, and are often one of the most expensive pieces, its important to choose a style that will help you enjoy your kitchen for years to come.

A solid color in your cabinetry will give you a timeless look and feel. Choose cabinets that will bring out the color in your countertops, and will blend with your flooring without overpowering the space.

When choosing flooring, bring in a sample of your countertop to help blend the two together. This will allow you to place the two colors side by side, and allow you to choose colors that blend well and will give you a classic look for years to come. A good rule of thumb is to coordinate your finishes rather than letting them compete and overpower one another. A flat floor design will compliment a textured countertop; or a matte floor will look great with a glossy countertop.

Want help in making the final decision? Just ask. We help people make these types of decisions every day, and can offer you tips and guidance on what you’ll be happy with now and well into the future.