Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    June 30, 2017

Over time, carpets get dirty and start to smell. As much as you love a clean carpet, vacuuming only goes so far. And a regular deep cleaning may be good a couple of times per year, but what about in between?

Carpeting often requires consistent maintenance to keep it clean and provide a healthy living environment. And in some cases, homeowners may be intrigued by carpet deodorizing powers, which make the promise of promoting cleanliness and reducing odor. But do they work? Or are they just another hype to get you to buy?Are Powders Safe To Deodorize Carpets?

According to Healthy Child, an organization that works to call out dangerous and toxic products and chemicals, carpet deodorizing powders do little more than cover up a problem and leave chemicals and fragrance in its path. While deodorizing powders are designed to be vacuumed up after application, they often leave behind a residue.

Once applied, a portion of the powder can be missed during vacuuming. It can also sink in the carpet fibers, meaning even the best high-powered vacuum won’t be able to pick it up.

While it depends on the powder and what type of chemicals are in the formula, the problem also extends beyond the outer layer. It can bury deep into the fibers and exist indefinitely. With small children, as they crawl and play, they can come in contact with the powdery residue again and again, inhaling and ingesting it over time.

Carpet cleaning chemicals and treatments, including powers, can contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, sodium hydroxide, and even pesticides. Liquid treatments have the ability to act as solvents, wearing down carpet fibers over time. Carpet powder residue has the potential to bury deep and remain in the air, having the potential for inhaling throughout the life of the carpet.

If powders use fragrance, it may irritate members of the household with allergies or chronic respiratory conditions.

It can also negate warranties. Read your warranty carefully. Manufacturers are specific about the way carpets should be cleaned in order to keep their warranty in full working order. If you have a problem with odor, it’s best to work with a carpet cleaning service that uses natural processes for cleaning carpets.