Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    August 25, 2015

I love watching the HGTV shows. Some of the design ideas you can gain from 30 minutes of television are simply amazing.

But I’ve noticed one thing on virtually every show I watch about redesign and remodeling … people hate carpeting. It’s a common trend throughout these shows.

Yet I always have to ask why? I love hardwood flooring and porcelain tiles as much as the next homeowner. But in some rooms in your 4 Myths About Carpeted Flooringhome, you simply can’t beat carpeting.

A lot of myths are floating around about carpeting. Do you believe any of these?

Myth #1 Carpeting is poorly manufactured

When most people think of carpeting, they picture the indoor/outdoor carpet from their elementary school days, or the buckling, fraying, stained carpet that was in their very first apartment. Yuck. Like any other product sold on the marketplace today, carpeting has undergone a lot of changes over the years. And today, some of the leading names in the business offer some of the most luxurious carpeting in the world. You will find innovative patterns, the highest quality around, and in some cases handmade, original works of art created by true artisans. Today’s carpeting can add value to your home.

Myth #2 Carpeting is unattractive

Yes, carpeting can be unattractive when you choose a lowgrade quality carpet sample, install it with seams in incorrect places, and leave it alone and unmaintained for years at a time. The stains, ripples and tears can leave a lasting impression (even as you move on to house number two and house number three). Yet with the carpeting in today’s marketplace, the range of options is truly limited only by your imagination. You can get just about any color or pattern you desire.

Myth #3 Carpeting is unhealthy

There’s a big myth around what is harbored within your carpet fibers. Yet in reality, carpeting can be a good thing if you know what to look for. Many people today are worried about VOCs, which can release chemicals into the air of your home. Laminates, tiles and even subflooring and glues can have a world of toxic chemicals in them if you don’t pay attention to the brand and type you are purchasing. While at the same time, if you choose a natural fiber carpet, you can introduce a clean and healthy option into your home. It also depends on the care you give your carpet. Avoid wearing shoes and tracking in dirt and debris from the outside. Vacuum with a quality vacuum, and clean regularly with a green carpet cleaner, and you’ll have a flooring choice that beats out many the other options.

Myth #4 Carpeting is high maintenance

People love the “sweep and go” mentality of a wood or tile floor. Which is why many people shun the concept of carpeting; its too high maintenance, right? With today’s technology, many different products have been introduced into carpets, making them soft and luxurious, while at the same time strong and easy to maintain. They can be stain resistant, yet still provide a beautiful look and feel. With simple and routine vacuuming, and an occasional deep clean, your carpets can retain their beauty for years.

Do you love the carpeting in your home?