At PRO! Flooring, our hardwood selection includes some of the most beautiful types available in nature today. We offer an incredible selection of the world’s finest hardwoods from North American Oak, Pecan, Hickory, Brazilian Cherry, Walnut, and much more.

We carry hardwood flooring in both pre-finished and on-site finish choices, adding both style and value unique to your home or office.

Our hardwood floors are available in glue down, nail down, or floating method of installation. Any part of your living space can be made beautiful with hardwood flooring from PRO! Flooring Brokers. Whatever your style or budget may be, we have a hardwood floor that is sure to steal the spotlight.

Choosing the Right Hardwood Flooring

Choosing the right hardwood floor for your home can seem like a lot to handle; our experts are here to help you find the perfect fit for your home based on location, size, lifestyle and aesthetic preference.Hardwood Flooring is Categorized as Either “Solid” or “Engineered”. These are the two main types you need to know about.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood floors are made up of planks that are milled from a single piece of wood. Since it is a natural material it can be sanded, letting it last for decades. Beware though, they are susceptible to humidity and temperature changes. It is not recommended to install in bathrooms or below grade (below the ground).

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood is made up of layers, or piles that are bonded together with cross grain construction. Because of the layers, they hold great stability and can withstand high levels of humidity, making it perfect for bathrooms and concrete subfloors.

Different Types of Hardwood

Hardwood comes in different varieties of durability, grain patterns, and color. Some common types of hardwood are :


  • Exceedingly strong, heavy and durable.
  • Feels hard and smooth, but can vary depending on finish.


  • Two types: Hard and soft maple wood.
  • Both are strong, durable, and resistant to splitting.
  • Feels hard to the touch, and has a fine, even texture.


  • Medium strength and density, and highly shock resistant.
  • Feels very smooth when sanded, stained, and polished.


  • Very high strength and hardness.
  • Generally straight-grained and its texture feels coarse.
  • Should be dust mopped daily and damp mopped sparingly to remove dirt and grime.


  • One of the most durable hardwoods. Great for high traffic areas.
  • Water resistant: Commonly used in saunas, decks, bathrooms, boats and kitchens.
  • Natural insect repellant. You need not be concerned of bugs burrowing into your teak hardwood.

Overall, oak, maple, cherry, and hickory are all on the harder end of the spectrum. Some exotic woods aren’t typically as durable but have a very striking appearance. Two examples of these include mahogany and Brazilian cherry. You should base the durability of your floors off your lifestyle. If you have pets or kids, or the floors are in a high traffic area, you will want more durable floors as some can scratch easily.

Finishing and Staining Your Wood Floors

Another feature of hardwood floors you will need to decide on is the finish; this is where the color and shine will come from. Hardwood floors can come prefinished, where they are finished at the factory before shipping, or on side finish. Most prefer pre-finish due to the ease and the elimination of dust and chemicals in your home. Factory applied pre-finished come with a pretty extended warranty usually and are more durable. However, on-site finishes have the ability to be totally customized with a virtually infinite amount of options. It is also important to remember that engineered hardwood can only be finished a certain amount of times in their life; solid hardwood can be refinished almost infinitely.

Denver’s Hardwood Flooring Specialists

PRO! Flooring Brokers is committed to helping our Denver customers find the perfect wood flooring for their homes and businesses. At the end of the day, we want you to not only love your wood floors but be proud of them too. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect finish for your home. Let’s get started today.

Hardwood Floor Installation

If you have already decided on having hardwood floors installed in your home or office, our customer experience process begins with a full tour of our Denver showroom. You will be able to compare hardwood samples side-by-side, look at staining options, and ask any questions of our support team. Once we have helped you find the perfect type of hardwood and color stain, we will then schedule a complimentary on-site measurement. Your new hardwood flooring will ship directly to your location, whether it be your home or office, at least five days before installation.

This allows the hardwood to properly acclimate to the conditions of the surrounding environment. We provide hardwood flooring installations in Denver, CO and surrounding areas! If you’re purchasing new hardwood without stain, we offer our on-site staining process to put the finishing touches on your beautiful new floor.

If you’re wanting to add on to existing hardwood floors in Denver, CO and surrounding areas, we will gladly meet you on-site to make sure your new flooring blends seamlessly with your current hardwood flooring.

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