Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    January 10, 2015

We all have made purchases we regret. That bright red blouse that you bought for a bargain, for instance. It looked great on the rack; not so much when you got it home and hung it in your closet.

There is a big difference between regretting your decision to buy a bargain shirt that was bought on a whim, and something as large as recarpeting several rooms of your home. You can’t take new carpeting back. And because of its cost, it can easily be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll have to live with for years.How To Select The Best Quality Carpet For Your Money

Carpeting is an expensive endeavor. And if you will be recarpeting several rooms of your home, the cost can rise exponentially. Its easy to understand why we go searching for a great deal. But because of the implications of having to live with this “deal” for a long time, its more important that you get the best quality for your money, not just the best “cost”.

When you’re carpet shopping, look for these things:

Room Choice

Some rooms receive more traffic than others. A family room will receive more wear and tear than a guest bedroom. A room frequented by children and pets must be more durable than a master retreat. Think about the type of traffic your room will receive, and the daily activities that will take place there.

Fiber Type

Nylon is strong and durable, making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas. Polyester is stain resistant and retains its color when exposed to sunlight. Olefin is inexpensive and is often used in indoor/outdoor situations. Wool is luxurious and very soft, is crush resistant and stain resistant. Each are best suited for specific needs and uses.

Fiber Style

Carpet fibers are woven in different ways. Looped carpet has the yarn attached to the carpet backing in small loops. It makes it very durable in high traffic situations. Cut pile has a smooth pile where the individual strands of yard are left standing up. It gives a traditional look and a versatile style. Twist carpet twists fibers in may directions, giving it a casual look and feel. You’ll also find patterned carpet that combines several fiber styles together to give it a distinct look that can hold up to the toughest of situations.


The density of a carpet refers to how much yarn is used in a square inch of carpeting. High density carpet has more yarn than a low density carpet. The more yarn, the less space between them. This means carpet will not mat as easily, and will retain a new look longer. However, low density carpet is typically softer to the touch, making it the perfect choice for jumping in and out of bed on a cold winter morning.

Is there a right or wrong choice? No – it depends on your style, your preference, and your budget. The best place to start is to talk with a flooring consultant who can help you make the perfect choice for your home. Stop by today.