Posted by          Flooring    February 9, 2016

Looking for a natural, environmentally friendly flooring choice? Want a floor that offers health benefits as well as looks great too? Chances are you’ll want to consider purchasing a floor with low VOC

VOC – volatile organic compound – are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperatures. When in flooring, after installation, these compounds begin to evaporate or sublimate and enter the surrounding air.Low VOC Flooring Choices

Over the years, as more has come to light on the damage high VOCs have on health, lower VOC options are available.

For carpets, look for natural fibers like wool, and also towards plant based fibers like jute and hemp. Also remember that VOCs don’t just live in the carpet fibers, but also behind the carpet as well. Focus in on the construction, what materials were used to produce the backing? How is the padding constructed? What type of adhesive is used to lay down the pad and/or the carpeting? All have the potential to offgas over time.

With wood flooring, the finish can be a major source of VOCs, particularly if you are using a polyurethane sealer. There are a number of water based sealers that have lower VOCs than older oil-based sealers, yet still offer high performance and durability over time.

Laminate flooring is created with particleboard and wood chips pressed together. As a part of this process, the glue has the potential to provide offgassing in greater quantities than its hardwood counterparts. Make sure it qualifies as an eco-friendly flooring choice. In many cases laminate flooring is installed with a lock and click process, avoiding high VOC adhesives altogether.

If choosing a low VOC flooring option is important to you, the best place to start is to view your options. Stop by today and see the many different styles of low VOC flooring choices available right now.