Posted by          Carpet    December 15, 2015

Longevity. If you own your home, longevity is a word you would like to hear with every home maintenance project you take on.Carpet: Understanding Normal Wear

When it comes time to purchasing new carpet, you’ll find a variety of carpet choices come with claims of “long wearing.” But what does that mean? Though you know in your mind that long wearing has to have an ending date, it’s nice to know your carpet selection should offer a reasonable amount of protection against everyday abuse.

You purchase it. You install it. You live with it. And shortly thereafter it begins looking like you’ve had wild parties on a nightly basis rather than a normal family doing normal things.

So what is normal wear for carpeting? What can you expect if you purchase new carpet today?

First, understand that carpet manufacturers create and update their carpeting all the time. Technology changes giving them more advanced products, greater options than ever before. With synthetic fibers, many of these products simply will not wear out. Yet never wearing out doesn’t mean it will always retain the fresh look and feel you desire for your home. Wearing out is not the same thing as looking good. And in many cases manufacturer’s warranties focus in on the science behind the product, not the looks.

Which means it comes down to your lifestyle.

Carpet lifespan isn’t a cut and dry number. It depends on the style of carpet, who lives in your home, and what you do on a daily basis.

If you live alone, your carpet won’t see the same amount of wear as a family with several kids and pets. A rental property will see different levels of abuse than what a homeowner dishes out. In general, expect carpet to last three to seven years.

In all cases, the more maintenance you give it, the longer it will last. Vacuuming is a necessity. Routine cleaning will also help, especially in high traffic areas.

While carpets won’t last a lifetime, they can last as little or as long as you choose. Treat your carpet well, clean it regularly, and you’ll enjoy it for the long term.