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Choosing Flooring For A Wine Cellar

  Posted by          Flooring    December 19, 2015

Remodeling your basement? Maybe it’s time to build in the wine cellar you’ve dreamed of. Most wine cellars are built in the lower level of a home, usually a basement. In many cases it will be built on a cement slab. Concrete will need to be sealed and a vapor barrier applied. This is especially...

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Carpet: Understanding Normal Wear

  Posted by          Carpet    December 15, 2015

Longevity. If you own your home, longevity is a word you would like to hear with every home maintenance project you take on. When it comes time to purchasing new carpet, you’ll find a variety of carpet choices come with claims of “long wearing.” But what does that mean? Though you know in your mind...

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The Best Flooring For Your Holiday Parties

  Posted by          Flooring    December 12, 2015

Are the holiday parties coming to your house this year? The basic essentials to hosting a great holiday party include a great location, plenty of food, lots or drinks, friends and family in abundance, and a reason to celebrate. What could be a better reason than the holidays. Yet sometimes in the middle of all...

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Is Your Hallway In Need Of A Flooring Upgrade?

  Posted by          Flooring, Hardwood Flooring    December 9, 2015

Thinking of replacing the flooring in your home? For many homeowners, they start the process by wanting a big change. They want a new look in their kitchen. Maybe hardwoods in their living space. Yet in some cases, the boldest statement you can make is by upgrading the flooring in your hallways and entryways. These...

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