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How Well Is Your Carpet Made?

  Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    February 17, 2015

What gives carpeting its durability, its longevity, and ensures that it will look good and wear well in the years to come? There are many factors that go into carpet construction, each playing a role in the process: Carpets consist of: Fiber Backing The latex used to hold the backing together Density of pile Pile...

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Installing Hardwood Floors On A Concrete Slab

  Posted by          Flooring    February 14, 2015

“I have an older trilevel home. I’ve read that hardwoods aren’t a good choice for basements because of the moisture content, but what about my main level? The main level has a kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom, all on a concrete subfloor. Can I install hardwood, or is it still risky?” Homes built...

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How To Install Laminate Flooring On Concrete

  Posted by          Flooring    February 10, 2015

“I have a concrete subfloor in my walkout basement. Work is just about complete on the refinishing process, and I have my heart set on laminate flooring throughout. Does laminate work with a concrete subfloor? Anything in particular we should know before installation?” Laminate flooring is a great choice for a walkout basement. Its durable,...

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Bathroom Remodel: Top Tile Trends You’re Going To Love

  Posted by          Flooring    February 7, 2015

One of the easiest rooms in your home to remodel is the bathroom. Start with the half bath off your main living area. With a little bit of work and a splash of creativity and style, you can have a beautiful look in just a few days. Then once you have your creative juices flowing,...

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