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Upgrading Your Current Flooring – What Materials Have The Highest ROI

  Posted by          Flooring    December 24, 2021

Have plans for moving in the near future? Thinking of renovating your home? It’s one of the biggest reasons people cite when upgrading their homes. When you’re looking at your home through the eyes of a potential homebuyer, suddenly those annoyances you’ve lived with look a little bleaker. Especially when it comes to flooring. A...

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5 Reasons It’s Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Flooring

  Posted by          Flooring    December 21, 2021

Commercial properties have undergone a lot these past two years. With many people working from home, when we head into the office, we’re noticing things we might have ignored before. A lot of our opinions are formed in the first few seconds. Walk through a door of a commercial location, and your first impression is...

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Why Engineered Hardwood Is Great For Your Laundry Room

  Posted by          Flooring, Hardwood Flooring    December 18, 2021

Nearly all homebuyers – 91 percent – state that a laundry room is essential or a must-have on their list of desires. Not only is it high on the list, but it is also the top item that will turn people away if you don’t have it. People define laundry rooms in different ways. What...

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The Only Guide You Need To Select The Right Commercial Flooring

  Posted by          Flooring    December 14, 2021

When you select a new flooring for a residential space, it’s all about taste and personalization. But when you’re shopping for commercial flooring, there are other things to keep in mind. What commercial flooring will be the best choice for functionality? Will it be an appropriate choice for the activities that take place within the...

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