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A Guide To Hypoallergenic Flooring

  Posted by          Flooring    March 10, 2022

The coughing. The sneezing! It can leave you searching for relief. And eventually, it can lead you to look at your home as a source. What can you do to make your home a little more friendly towards keeping you feeling your best? A little research may lead you to your flooring – it’s a...

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Is Carpet Coming Back In Style?

  Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    March 7, 2022

I’ll never forget restoring an old house we bought many years ago. We walked around shortly after closing, dreaming about how each room would be designed. “Get rid of the old carpets.” That was first on our list of to-do’s. And as we peeled back the carpet, hardwood shined from underneath. Sanded, stained, and polished,...

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Buying a New Area Rug? Tips For Extending The Life Before You Buy

  Posted by          Area Rugs    March 3, 2022

Buyers remorse. It’s the one thing every homeowner weighs as they shop for home improvement items. When buying a new area rug, for example, you might imagine vibrant colors and added warmth to your room’s decor. Yet when buyers remorse kicks in, you might discover the area rug has too much color, or doesn’t stand...

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Mixed Hardwood Flooring May Be Just What You’re Looking For

  Posted by          Hardwood Flooring    February 28, 2022

Hardwood flooring can be expensive. That’s why many homeowners prefer to remodel one room at a time, adding new flooring to each room as they update.  But that causes a dilemma that’s widely debated among designers: Is mixed hardwood flooring an acceptable design trend inside a home?  Is it okay to have two different wood...

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