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A Guide To Buying The Right Carpet

  Posted by          Carpet    November 29, 2019

Want to add style, color, and comfort to your home? Look no further than carpet. It brightens up any room. It softens hard spaces. It takes away the chill on a cold winter morning. What could be better than all that? Homeowners have many reasons they select carpet for various rooms throughout their homes. Yet...

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What Are The Best Flooring Options When You’re On a Budget?

  Posted by          Flooring    November 24, 2019

Stepping into a room that’s worn or out of date can be frustrating. Everywhere you look is a reminder that your room is in desperate need of a remodel. But where do you begin? Sure, you can change the color with a can of paint. New decor is always fun to shop for. You’ve been...

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Taking Care Of Your New Engineered Wood Floor

  Posted by          Hardwood Flooring    November 21, 2019

Are you thinking about adding engineered wood floors to your home? Congratulations, it’s a great choice. There are so many reasons to love engineered wood flooring: It’s beautiful It’s durable It’s easy to maintain It comes in many styles and colors It’s the perfect flooring choice for busy households And that’s just the start! Like...

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SPC vs WPC Vinyl Flooring – What’s The Difference? 

  Posted by          Vinyl Floors    November 18, 2019

Flooring is a personal choice. For a lot of homeowners, it isn’t as much about what they want as it is about selecting the right flooring for their lifestyles. Take hardwood, for example. You can’t ignore that it’s wildly popular along the Front Range. Every home decorating magazine you buy, every big box store you...

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