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Sustainable Carpet LEEDs To a Better Future

  Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    July 7, 2020

If you do a search online to help find the best flooring for your needs, carpet may come up as a flooring choice to avoid. Dirt can bury deep into the fibers. It can show stains quickly if not well cared for. And what about indoor air quality? Is carpet really that bad? Despite the...

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Looking For A Biophilic Design? Try Hardwood Flooring

  Posted by          Hardwood Flooring    July 3, 2020

Why are humans so attracted to hardwood flooring? Why do Coloradans make it their number one flooring choice again and again? Why do you consistently see hardwood flooring in the top homes in the region? It might be because of biophilic design. What biophilic design is … and isn’t Biophilic design connects you to nature....

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How To Match Exotic Wood Floors To Your Staircase

  Posted by          Hardwood Flooring    June 28, 2020

Don’t you just hate the cookie cutter lifestyle? One house looks like all the others in the neighborhood. You park your car in the parking lot, only to have trouble finding it because there are dozens just like it. That’s not what you want. You want to create space that’s uniquely your own. And you...

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5 Decisions To Make When Selecting Hardwood Floors For Your Home

  Posted by          Hardwood Flooring    June 25, 2020

I was watching one of those design shows the other day. They talked about doing a complete home remodel from top to bottom – the house was in really bad shape. When they got to the floors, one sentence was used to explain it all: And we’ll lay hardwood floors throughout. Yep, that’s it. And...

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