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What You Should Know About Carpet Remnants

  Posted by          Carpet    July 14, 2021

Want to save money on carpet? Have a small space that needs carpet? Maybe your solution lies with carpet remnants. There’s a lot of myths online about what carpet remnants truly are. Some think they are defective products. Some believe they are old, outdated, and out of style. What carpet remnants are is leftover carpet....

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Carpet or Hardwood – Which Is The Better Choice For Bedrooms?

  Posted by          Carpet, Hardwood Flooring    July 10, 2021

Wanting to replace the flooring throughout your home? Having trouble deciding the right flooring for each room? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There’s an ongoing debate among homeowners as to which flooring choice is best throughout. Living here in Colorado, you might be one of many who has jumped on the hardwood-only mindset. Coloradoans love...

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How Do You Choose Carpet Color With So Many To Choose From?

  Posted by          Carpet    July 7, 2021

Sometimes, you feel like a kid in a candy store, with so many choices you aren’t sure which to choose. If you’re redecorating, you may feel that sensation every time you head into a new store. What do you choose? How do you create the aesthetics you’re looking for? When you’re working with home design,...

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For The Love of Berber Carpet – Here’s What You Need To Know

  Posted by          Carpet    July 3, 2021

There’s carpet. And then there’s Berber carpet. If you’ve ever heard someone talk about Berber, you might assume it’s in a class of its own. You’d be correct. If you trace Berber back in history, you’ll find that Berber comes from native North Africa. Thousands of years ago, these native “Berbers” had a unique weave...

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