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What Office Flooring Will Look Like After The Coronavirus

  Posted by          Flooring    May 7, 2020

Are you working from home right now? According to a recent study by MIT, it showed as of April 2020, 34 percent of people that previously worked in office settings are now working from home. Of course, some jobs are impossible to do from home. It also showed that approximately 37 percent are still commuting...

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Where Do You Start When Preparing For A Kitchen Floor Remodel?

  Posted by          Flooring    May 2, 2020

What’s the busiest room in your home? We’re betting you said the kitchen. It’s where you gather at the end of the day to cook a home-cooked meal. It’s where the kids do their homework. It’s where you share a glass of wine with friends and family. One of the hardest working fixtures is your...

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New Flooring To Reduce Your Chances of the Coronavirus

  Posted by          Flooring    April 28, 2020

As we continue to move forward as a society in the midst of the coronavirus, one thing is for sure: we don’t have a great understanding of prevention methods. Of course, this will change over time. But right now, when you want to do right by your family, it’s difficult to know what to do....

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Why Vinyl Tile May Be Better Than Ceramic Tile

  Posted by          Tile Floors, Vinyl Floors    April 24, 2020

There are certain environments throughout your home where moisture and spills are more likely to occur. Like your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. It would never make sense to install carpet; can you imagine water seeping into the fibers and padding if your washing machine overflows? Now imagine cleanup if the flooring was water-resistant. It...

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