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Scared of Laminate? You Won’t Be After Learning More About Underlayment

  Posted by          Vinyl Floors    November 25, 2021

Laminate. When you hear that word as a homeowner, certain thoughts pop into your mind. Whether you’ve had experience with it or not, chances are you’ve formed an opinion about it. Laminate flooring has only been around for a few decades. Like other home products, laminate flooring was created after a century-old company’s sales began...

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Install These Top Flooring Materials In High Traffic Areas

  Posted by          Flooring    November 21, 2021

High traffic areas in homes and businesses have special needs. Have you ever walked into a lobby or entryway where the flooring is scratched, dented, and unappealing? It sets the stage for the experience. You enter warily. You question what you’ll find as you continue to walk further. Is it clean? Is it well kept?...

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Want Affordable Flooring? Take a Look at Floating Floors

  Posted by          Flooring    November 18, 2021

Sometimes the easiest way to change the look of your decor is to start with one project at a time. With a coat of paint and new flooring, you’ll be surprised at how different your home will look. Are you looking for a do-it-yourself project? Painting the walls is easy; you’ve probably done it a...

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Deciding On Hardwood? Is Oak Still Popular?

  Posted by          Hardwood Flooring    November 14, 2021

Are you shopping for new hardwood flooring? You may have noticed that oak hardwood is overwhelmingly one of the most popular species on the market. Why is oak hardwood so popular? Oak is one of the most abundant hardwoods for lumber in the United States today. It’s native in North American and can be found...

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