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What Flooring Adds The Most Value To Your Home?

  Posted by          Hardwood Flooring    February 3, 2021

When you’re planning to sell your home, a lot of things go through your mind. You might be excited about the new property you’re purchasing, but you can’t forget to make your current home look its best. So you slap on a new coat of paint. You fix the dripping faucet that’s leaked for months....

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Is This The Year You Install Tile Flooring?

  Posted by          Tile Floors    January 28, 2021

If you’ve ever picked up a tile and had thoughts of visiting your local pottery shop, there’s a reason for that. Most tiles you lay in your home are made from ceramic clay. Visit a history museum and you’re likely to find tiles from bygone eras. The Chinese created tiles with stunning images painted on...

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3 Of The Most Popular Flooring Choices For Remodeling

  Posted by          Flooring    January 24, 2021

What will 2021 bring? It’s a question a lot of us are asking daily. If your thoughts have turned towards remodeling, you’re not alone. According to one study on remodeling, spending increased for the third quarter of 2020 by 9 percent, with a prediction for continued growth in the coming year. Why? There are many...

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Change The Look Of Your Home With A New Area Rug

  Posted by          Area Rugs    January 21, 2021

Here in Colorado, homeowners often have a one track mind: hardwood. We love hardwood and we want it everywhere. So we install it on the main floor, in every bedroom, even in the basement. It might take time to transition from using traditional hardwood to things like luxury vinyl planks that match and complement one...

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