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Flooring Accessories – Things To Ask Before You Invest In New Flooring

  Posted by          Flooring    November 10, 2022

You’re ready for new floors. You have an idea in mind. But flooring isn’t just about picking out the material. It requires a whole collection of accessories to finish the process. Granite Marble Hardwood Linoleum Laminate Carpet Vinyl Stone Each material requires its own extras to complete the project. Transitions, trims, vents, underlayments – it’s...

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Should You Invest In Extra Flooring?

  Posted by          Flooring    November 7, 2022

When you install new flooring, the inevitable will happen. You’ll drop a heavy pan and put a dent in the wood. You’ll move furniture and scrape the surface of your vinyl floors. You’ll drop red wine on your light carpet. You’ll either be grateful you invested in extra flooring. Or you’ll cringe inside knowing you’re...

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3 Flooring Options That Work Well With Modern Home Design

  Posted by          Flooring    October 28, 2022

What does your dream home look like? One simple question. Yet it floods your mind with ideas. For many, they see a modern home design with clean lines, natural materials, and neutral color palettes that make you enter and say: ahhh. It takes advantage of natural light, letting it stream in and wash over the...

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How To Match Vinyl, Laminate, and Solid Hardwood

  Posted by          Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Vinyl Floors    October 24, 2022

In a perfect world, you would install all new flooring throughout your house at the same time. Yet most of us don’t live in a world where that’s possible. Instead, we take it one remodel at a time, hoping we can match up the flooring between rooms well enough that it won’t be noticeable. If...

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