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Want Versatility? Try Ceramic Tiles

  Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    December 16, 2014

Ceramic tile is one of the most durable and maintenance free flooring choices on the market today. Its also one of the most beautiful. It comes in an extensive range of shapes, finishes, sizes, colors and shades, and can be used in many different ways. Ceramic tile has long been considered to be multi-purpose, and...

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How To Choose Carpet Color

  Posted by          Carpet    February 5, 2014

Once you’ve decided its time to lay new carpeting throughout your home, the decisions don’t stop there. In addition to style, kind, pile, you’ll also have to decide on color. After all, carpeting isn’t something you change out with the seasons; you’ll have to live with your decision for years. Trends in color change throughout...

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The Pros and Cons to Laminate Flooring

  Posted by          Uncategorized    January 8, 2014

Laminate flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of flooring today, and for good reasons. Not only is it friendly on your budget, laminate flooring is easy to install and looks great too. But, like any building material, laminate floors are not perfect. Do the pros outweigh the cons when it comes...

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Which Is Right For You: Glue Down or Floating Hardwood Floors

  Posted by          Uncategorized    December 27, 2013

Making the decision to install hardwood floors means that you will soon have gorgeous flooring in your home. However, simply making this decision is not all that you have to do. Now that you know you want hardwood flooring in your home, you have to decide between glue-down floors or floating floors. Understanding the difference...

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