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How To Blend Your Flooring With Kitchen Décor

  Posted by          Flooring    May 7, 2015

Designing and remodeling your kitchen isn’t as easy as picking out the things you like best from your home improvement store. It also takes a lot of coordination to allow your kitchen design to seamlessly blend in with your overall house design and style. In order to create a well designed kitchen, it’s important to...

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What You Should Know About Carpet Ratings

  Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    May 2, 2015

When it comes time to purchasing carpet, we all want the best quality we can afford. After all, we’ve all lived with sub-par carpeting in a rental unit, or visited a home with threadbare carpets that looked anything but appealing. We want quality We want plush We want a great color We want something that...

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How To Choose Flooring From A Small Sample

  Posted by          Flooring, Hardwood Flooring    April 29, 2015

When you’re ready to install a new floor in your home, it can be exciting thinking about the potential. Maybe you’re replacing old carpeting with a new color. Maybe you’re installing natural stone tile throughout. Maybe you’re finally installing the hardwoods you’ve dreamed about for years. In any case, the change will be warm and...

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Tips For Choosing Flooring In Your Home’s Entryway

  Posted by          Flooring    April 26, 2015

Snow boots in the winter. Grass and water from the summer. Mud and dirt from every season. The entryway to our homes take a beating all year through. Yet it’s also the place where we welcome guests, where people make a first impression about the home that lies beyond. It’s how we showcase who we...

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