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Flooring Materials Comparison: Hardwood vs. Laminate vs. Vinyl

  Posted by          Flooring    January 28, 2023

Renovating your home isn’t a small task. It can be all-consuming, depending on how much you’re putting into your remodeling project. Maybe you’ve been sold on hardwood for years – you know it’s your flooring of choice. But something’s holding you back. Should you really lay hardwood throughout? Is it the best choice for your...

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Make Your High Traffic Areas Look Better With These Flooring Options

  Posted by          Flooring    January 24, 2023

Installing flooring is a delicate balance between functionality and personality. On the one hand, you want floors that will be durable throughout its lifespan. You want it to look as good as it does after installation for years. On the other hand, you want floors that speak to your heart. You have your mind set...

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The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

  Posted by          Hardwood Flooring    January 18, 2023

Engineered wood flooring is a popular choice for homeowners who want the look and feel of natural wood without the maintenance and installation challenges of solid wood flooring. But beyond its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, engineered wood flooring offers several other advantages that make it a smart choice for any home. Stability Engineered wood...

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Laminate Flooring: A Durable and Affordable Alternative

  Posted by          Flooring    January 14, 2023

When you picture your dream home, what does it look like? Can you see the colors you use in your decor? Do you feel the smoothness as you run your hand along the cabinets? You may also notice your flooring choice. For many Colorado homeowners, hardwood is the only way to go. But if you’ve...

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