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4 Easy Steps To Measure For Carpet

  Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    March 21, 2015

Ready to buy new carpeting for your home? Before you head out and start narrowing down your choices, it’s a good idea to know approximately how much carpeting you’ll need. Carpeting comes in a variety of sizes and widths; knowing your room sizes ahead of time can be a big help in making the right...

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What To Know Before You Buy New Carpet

  Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    March 18, 2015

What To Know Before Buying New Carpet in Denver, CO Home maintenance and remodeling projects can be exciting; after all, they can make a room go from ho-hum to WOW with just a little bit of work. Yet in most cases, each project we take on isn’t something we do every week (or even every...

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Flooring With Aging In Place In Mind

  Posted by          Flooring    March 14, 2015

Many of today’s baby boomers are choosing to remodel instead of leaving the family home behind. And as a part of the process, they are choosing to remodel with aging in place in mind. Aging in place is the concept of making a home user friendly, no matter what the physical condition of the home’s...

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Choosing The Safest Bathroom Floor

  Posted by          Flooring, Tile Floors    March 10, 2015

Remodeling your bathroom? Nothing can be more fun then taking on a home project. Adding new trends, new décor, can not only make you happier with your home, it can also add resale value as well. Yet as you are looking at all of the options available to you, its important to keep in mind...

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