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4 Reasons To Use Carpet Tile For Your Commercial Location

  Posted by          Carpet, Flooring    October 12, 2017

Upgrading your commercial flooring? There are many things to consider before you finalize your decision. Of course, you want it to look great. It’s important to have it maintain well over time. It’s also important that you get the best deal possible – why have this choice cut into your bottom line? While many people...

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Home Office Makeover: Choosing Your Flooring

  Posted by          Flooring    October 9, 2017

When you think about home renovation, chances are the flooring is one of the last things you consider. If you are in the process of giving your home office a makeover, it’s more exciting to look for the right desk, select paint colors for the walls, and purchase new accessories than it is to choose...

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Flooring Ideas For Your Home Gym

  Posted by          Flooring    October 5, 2017

We all have the best of intentions to eat better and exercise more. Sometimes your best motivator isn’t a gym membership, but instead is having the gym right there in your home. Home gyms can be a perfect addition to your home if you want privacy and solitude while working out. They can be cheaper...

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How To Fight Allergies With Your Flooring

  Posted by          Flooring    September 30, 2017

With the change of seasons comes a whole new round of potential aggravators for allergy sufferers. Trees, plants, furry friends, all can trigger allergy symptoms and leave you feeling like you’re not quite yourself. But there is a way to combat the effects of allergies by incorporating the right type of flooring into your home....

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